My face becomes numb when I go to outside. HELP!

Does anybody else feel this way when they go to work? Or anywhere in general?

I don’t know what it is, really. At one point it doesn’t even feel that bad, but there are days when my face just feels so numb when I’m outside. You know, it’s hard to control anything like raising your eyebrows, flaring your nose (for those that can do it), smiling, frowning, just numbness around the face.

I’m just wondering why it’s the face specifically. Does anyone else get this? I’ve been to Google trying to see if there is anything I can find that’s familiar. Stories, known diseases, anything cause it’s starting to freak me out.

I never bother with asking if anyone else has it because I’m too familiar with the pain now, and I feel like asking someone else might trigger them the same pain if they do have it, kind of just leaving it low in case I do find something that can identify this.

So if anyone is familiar with what I’ve just described, physical numbness around the face when outside, please let me know.

Thank you!

Update: Never mind. It’s winter and it’s just fucking cold outside.

Clenching my fists does not help anymore

We clench our fists to suspend our rage, whenever our senses tells us that something isn’t right.

We tighten our grips to withhold our fears, our worries only serve to strengthen our anxieties.

This seems to have proven inefficient for me, however. No, clenching my fists does not help anymore. Holding tight no longer helps.

As I soon learned to help myself instead.

The anger I held within soon converted into consideration. I never realised the damage inflicted on my thoughts.

The fear, turned to bravery. I realised that I instead wanted to keep my self-respect.

I have to tell you. Letting it loose is healthier than letting it be. In the long run, you do not only assist yourself, but those around you.

And so, for the next occasion that may concern you, whether it may briefly hurt anyone else.

Unclench those hands.

I have a couple of voices in my head

The first voice is somewhat timid. The way it expresses itself displays a lack of confidence, understandable due to its foreign nature.

Despite this, it continues to improve its communication among others. The voice reveals itself, and is able to stand with pride. Despite its doubting sense of tone, it’s achievement of being is enough to present an ocean of satisfaction. It’s history is coated with sophistication, while its future consists of novelty and convenience.

It may be foreign. It may not be perfect. Though without it, my own qualities may not be as concrete as they are now.

The second voice, can be described as a complete opposite being than the first. Comfortable, quirky and creative. The second voice is alienated from the first, being that the one cannot understand the other. The voice’s complexity drives it to be unique, and somewhat humorous.

It’s tone can contain a pool of anger, but please don’t misunderstand. As it’s tone is unfortunately predetermined to be this way. Though through age and time, it’s tone becomes calmer, kinder.

Between the two, the second takes pleasure in making fun of the first, without harmful intent of course. Similar to the relationship of a younger and older brother.

The first is the most common that reveals itself.

The second comes on occasion, depending on who I am communicating with.

The first thrives in improving.

The second succeeds in entertaining.

Quite an adventure, when you’re bilingual.

An odd start

Why is this an odd start?

Simple. I don’t know what to write about.

“But why start a blog?” You might wonder, and I’ll rebut with my awareness that your question is a valid and understandable one.

I simply do not know.

Look, maybe I’m seeking some sense of spark or creativity, and required a platform to express my originality. The only problem is that my originality almost literally consists of pure and honest nothingness.

Now, I can give myself some credit, I’m not a boring individual that does nothing all day. I keep active, I’m healthy, and I’m somewhat social. Though when it comes to passion, my mind comes to a halt.

So. What is the point of this particular writing? Absolutely nothing. Nada, zilch. You’ve wasted your time reading this. But still I’m grateful.

I’m trying my hardest to illustrate my thoughts, hone my skills in something I will hopefully be better in: writing.

The overall consensus is to see whether my creativity ever improves in my writing.

So if you read this, and somehow provide me an opportunity to entertain you with the words I write?

Well, I can’t say anything else other than thank you.

And I hope you will be somewhat intrigued.