Clenching my fists does not help anymore

We clench our fists to suspend our rage, whenever our senses tells us that something isn’t right.

We tighten our grips to withhold our fears, our worries only serve to strengthen our anxieties.

This seems to have proven inefficient for me, however. No, clenching my fists does not help anymore. Holding tight no longer helps.

As I soon learned to help myself instead.

The anger I held within soon converted into consideration. I never realised the damage inflicted on my thoughts.

The fear, turned to bravery. I realised that I instead wanted to keep my self-respect.

I have to tell you. Letting it loose is healthier than letting it be. In the long run, you do not only assist yourself, but those around you.

And so, for the next occasion that may concern you, whether it may briefly hurt anyone else.

Unclench those hands.